Obedience Classes are held on Monday Evenings at the Sea Scouts, Donnington Bridge.  Obedience classes costs £5 per class, which gives you the flexability of attendance unlike where you have to buy a block.

Level 1 – Basic Obedience – (7pm – 8pm): In this class you will learn the basics such as Heelwork, Sits, Downs and on lead recalls.  This class is based on positive training methods aiding you to build on your relationship with your dog whilst trainding them in a fun and relaxed environment.  You will also learn how to inform your dog that a behaviour is incorrect and more importantly learn how to praise your dog at the precise moment it is required.  You will quickly observe that this class tends to involve the owner learning the new tricks.  When you and your dog have mastered the basics you will graduate to level 2.

Level 2 – Advanced Obedience – 8pm – 9pm: In this Class you will build on what you learnt in basic obedience until you are working off lead including, recalls, A recalls, Retrieves, Send Aways, Finishes… the list goes on.

For further information please contact us or feel free to pop down and visit!